Why You Should Be Glad When Your Kid Throws a Tantrum (Maybe): Emotional Regulation in Children

tantrum emotional regulation in children

Rebecca is sprawled on the floor, thrashing, the hairs of her undone ponytail wet against her tear-stained cheeks. Between hysterical cries and moments of holding her breath, the child exclaims, “I want that doll!” While Mommy’s nerves may get frazzled from the heightened noise levels, Rebecca’s tantrum may not only be appropriate but also a…

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Get Access to Our Teleconference Recording

sensory teleconference

Many people have been reaching out to us and asking how they can get a recording of our teleconference where we discussed: Do’s and don’ts of baby equipment for healthy sensory development Tantrums vs. meltdowns: the difference between them and how to handle each one Which type of professional to approach for different types of…

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Secrets to a Successful Sensory Summer

The last bell of the school year has rung. Notebooks, folders and binders have been stuffed deep in a closet to hibernate. It’s time to focus on fun, not on homework. It’s summer vacation! While summer vacation can come as a sigh of relief from the grind of school (and its accompanying challenges), for the…

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Sound the Shofar: Appreciating Your Sensory Child

listen to the shofar and learn to appreciate your sensory child more

When my daughter was two, she was terrified of the shofar. If only that playgroup teacher hadn’t been so dramatic about how “the shofar makes a very loud noise!” No amount of reassurances, explanations, or comparisons with familiar noises would convince my daughter that it was worth accompanying me to shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah.…

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Passover and Your Child With SPD

passover seder

On Passover, everyone hears about the Four Sons: the wise son, the wicked son, the simple son and one who doesn’t know how to ask. Why do you never hear about the son who accidentally spills every single one of the four cups of wine – and won’t eat the matzah because it’s too crunchy?…

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