Stop Slurping Your Soup! Understanding Misophonia and Hyperacusis (Sound Sensitivity)

“WAAAAAAAH!” If that’s our two-month-old’s reaction when you turn on the mixer or the vacuum cleaner, most of us wouldn’t be too surprised. And we’d probably pick up our frightened, crying baby and try to soothe him. But what about when your eight-year-old refuses to sit at the supper table because the sound of chewing…

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Child Anxiety: Is it All in the Mind… or All in the Body?

child anxiety

Recently, a mother from Manhattan posted on Facebook that she was looking for recommendations for a child psychologist for her daughter: “She has always been an anxious child, needing to be reassured of things, but recently it’s become increasingly worse. She becomes alarmed and scared if she doesn’t see someone at pick up right away,…

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What Screen Time and Screen Media Do To Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability

screen time babies children

  (April 2 – Correction: Information on the AAP policies below has been edited. Thanks to the readers – Diana and P – who caught the error!) It’s a scene we’re sure you’ve witnessed again and again: A family is sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The four year old is clearly fed up with…

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