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Knowledge is power. Too much knowledge can be overpowering.

You are parents in the digital age. You have vast stores of information, experiences and opinions literally at your fingertips. It can be a wonderful resource to enable you to best help your child. Too often, however, the amount of different approaches, available therapies and conflicting opinions can leave you with a headache. How do you filter the information? How do you make wise decisions?

Our parent seminars grew out of the questions and uncertainties we heard time and again from concerned, involved parents like you. Our goal is to give you the critical knowledge you need to understand what’s going on with your child and make informed decisions.

Registration for live seminars is limited, so that you will be able to ask questions at the end. It’s so important to us that you come out of a seminar with more clarity about your individual child, and not just "more" information.

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Amy and Evelyn hope to empower, educate and inspire.

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Seminars we give include:

Making Sense of Sensory: explaining the seven sensory systems, neurodevelopment, and compensatory techniques to help children with academic, social, and behavioral challenges.

Sensory vs. Behavior: the difference between difficulties that stem from a sensory issue or from a different behavioral source. How to facilitate a swift and effective evaluation process.

Reflexes and Anxiety: how anxiety can stem from issues with reflex integration and sensory integration.

Neurodevelopment for the New Parent: explaining healthy neurodevelopment in young children and practical steps and exercises to give your child the best start possible (for expectant parents or parents of a child 0-2 years old).

Speaking Savvy: how oral motor weakness can affect feeding and language production. A hierarchy of twelve developmental exercises are taught to help parents help their children to improve their feeding and language skills.

Now What? Behavioral Management Techniques: an approach for effective communication with your child (at any stage of neurodevelopment), based on cutting edge science of language processing and perception. Behavioral techniques are also taught and explained. Not your typical parenting class.

Nutrition and Neurodevelopment: Impact and effects of nutrition on our developing baby (in utero) and developing child. An explanation of how autism, ADD/ADHD, and social-emotional challenges can be linked to nutrition.

“Maybe It's...” Series (TM): Each course focuses on a different system and speaks about how it can (or cannot) impact child development.

  • Maybe it's Sensory? - explaining the seven sensory systems, neurodevelopment, and compensatory techniques
  • Maybe it's Vision? - discussing vision therapy, prisms, syntonics, and other light therapies
  • Maybe it's Reflexes? - explaining reflex integration and its effect on development
  • Maybe it's Oxygen? - exploring how oxygen impacts our developmental systems and the use of oxygen therapies

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