Stop Slurping Your Soup! Understanding Misophonia and Hyperacusis (Sound Sensitivity)

“WAAAAAAAH!” If that’s our two-month-old’s reaction when you turn on the mixer or the vacuum cleaner, most of us wouldn’t be too surprised. And we’d probably pick up our frightened, crying baby and try to soothe him. But what about when your eight-year-old refuses to sit at the supper table because the sound of chewing…

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A Practical Guide to the Kind of Communication Between Doctors, Parents, Therapists and Educators that Helps Children Succeed

Every day for the past 22 years, we’ve been working with parents and professionals. We’ve seen firsthand, countless times, that the goal of raising emotionally and developmentally healthy children is largely dependent on productive communication between parents and the professionals they’re working with in the medical and educational fields. Even 22 years ago, and all…

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Why You Should Be Glad When Your Kid Throws a Tantrum (Maybe): Emotional Regulation in Children

tantrum emotional regulation in children

Rebecca is sprawled on the floor, thrashing, the hairs of her undone ponytail wet against her tear-stained cheeks. Between hysterical cries and moments of holding her breath, the child exclaims, “I want that doll!” While Mommy’s nerves may get frazzled from the heightened noise levels, Rebecca’s tantrum may not only be appropriate but also a…

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