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What is Hands on OT?


Hi! We’re Evelyn (Roizy) and Amy (Friedy) and we’re the hands behind Hands on OT.

The Hands on OT approach is to uncover and address the root of your child’s emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.

With decades of neurodevelopmental experience between us, we’ve seen many beautiful children come in after having been stuck in a cycle of therapies for years. With each therapy, the problem seems to improve - only to return and manifest itself a different way.

If you don’t strike at the root, your child will never be free. If you do, issues years in the making often start resolving themselves, even when not addressing them directly.

Time and again we’ve seen children’s lives - and for that matter, their entire families' lives - change for the positive.

Keep reading to see if Hands on OT is right for your child.

How many of the following statements describe your child?

"My child has a hard time…"

The more statements that describe your child, the greater a chance his issues are rooted in sensory or reflex integration.
At Hands on OT, we would love to help him become the happy, functioning child he has the potential to be.

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